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Hello! I present to you the service (rdp access) at high prices.


RDP — SHOP: byded.net




— Not damaged by crypto.


— Countries: all of Europe, USA, Canada, Australia, Korea;


— admin rights, you can and without!


— Regular suppliers!


— Not virtual machines.





— Payment Bitcoin and Perfectmoney


— I take away any of your volumes!



— The fastest possible processing of your lists.


— Instant payments.


— Good working conditions for skilled craftsmen of high quality.


— Bonuses, price increase for regular suppliers.






— Jabber:




— Telegram: I issue a cart upon request to the PM.


You can become our partners.


Good conditions, timely payments.



In connection, almost always, I answer quickly. Who is ready to provide quality material — write, discuss all the conditions. Scammers, scammers, dummy jabber — by. Interesting serious, adequate, responsible people.

paypal cvv shop


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