Infection Method shop without cvv code

Recently ive been automating one of my social marketing methods which can be used for getting infections.

Anyway the method is simple, you will need:
Twitter account
5 x RSS Feeds
IFTT account
buffer account
We are going to feed the the latest posts from rss feeds into buffer which automatically posts to twitter. So first create a Twitter account and create
a account. This allows you to schedule posts into a list from which you can set how often to post to twitter, I usually set this to post every 10-20 minutes but basically I dont have to touch it. Why not add some affiliate links too

I then take RSS feeds from various websites, and again i use and pipe the RSS feeds to, when doing this add hash tags to the message to get your tweets seen.

build this up for a few weeks and then add an infected website that you setup with link to exploit kit perhaps. I recommend Metasploit setup on vps with the browser autopwn as it acts as a free exploit pack with some good exploits for android.. shop without cvv code


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