highscore profiles & searches best cc dump shop

random high credit score (720+ fico) profiles $60
is extra for specific accounts/age range/gender/state
includes name, ssn, dob, credit report with login, background report, and driver’s license data
no alerts/bankruptcies/judgements/liens/lifelock or i replace
bulk random ssn/dob infos $50 for 100 pieces
includes name/ssn/dob/dl/address/tel
is extra for specific age/gender/state/zipcode
background report (tlo or accurint) $25
need name+address, also ssn+dob if you have
sample tlo: https://www.sendspace.com/file/q7rxuk
sample accurint: http://rgho.st/74ZnZzpWL?r=3370
includes phones/employers/address history/driver’s licenses/utilities/property/vehicles/businesses/relatives/associates so you can answer those security questions
simple credit report (equifax or experian or transunion) $15
tri-merged credit report with score (equifax+experian+transunion) $30
need name+ssn+dob
sample: https://www.sendspace.com/file/20pk04
driver’s license search
$20 for FL/MN/NE/TX/WA/WI
$40 for all other states except NJ
results include dl number/issue date/expiration date
need name+address+ssn+dob
mother’s maiden name (mmn) search $20
need name+address+dob, also ssn if you have
manual ssn/dob search $10
for when you cannot find results using cheap autoshops with outdated databases
using latest database, can even find under age 18 & immigrants
need name+address
timeframe is 1-24 hrs, taking btc only
contact via..
icq: 675028312
wickr: usalookups best cc dump shop


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